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Love Longer, Love Stronger What is the Black Love Experience? Originating from the masterminds behind Nubian Hueman and in partnership with a host of local cultural architects, The Black Love Experience is a multi-sensory experience of artistry and inventiveness geared towards creatives, revolutionaries, kindred souls, and fearless visionaries celebrating ourselves under the canopy of all things Black. Tommy Oliver is a film producer, director, writer, cinematographer, photographer and entrepreneur. He produced the films “The Perfect Guy,” “1982” and “Kinyarwanda” among others, co-created the docuseries BLACK LOVE with his wife Codie Oliver and has been noted for his photography during the BLM protests. The Black Love Summit is an unparalleled, one-day live experience gathering Black singles and couples for transparent conversations about love, partnership, and community.The creators of the Black Love docu-series, Tommy & Codie Elaine Oliver, bring together popular couples from the show along with talent featured on and an energized audience eager to grow and learn from candid ... Five dynamic black women in New York City embark on a journey to uncover why they can't find love. With D.L. Hughley, Ladonna Hughley, Kevin Fredericks, Melissa Fredericks. Highlights love stories from the black community and seeks to find secrets to making a marriage work. Features love stories from some successful people in entertainment as well as everyday couples, each offering a unique take on love. From the Black Love docu-series to, we aim to be the hub for Black couples and singles looking to build community and conversation around healthy relationships at every stage of life. We are highlighting our Black Love stories and creating content focused on us, because seeing our love represented appropriately matters. #BlackLove

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2020.09.19 00:52 Beauf5 Anna Heintz / Blitz

Name / Alias: Anna Heintz / Blitz
Age: 32
Alignment: Hero
Public Information:
Blitz is a well established, experienced Protectorate hero who has been working as a hero for a few years now in other cities. There's a wiki page about her talking about her multiple, yet brief, stays in different major cape cities across America. It is also known that she is a highly durable brute who wields a flail and shield in full plate armor and can also pack a punch using what looks like controlled bursts of lightning.
Physical Appearance:
- Civilian: Anna is a tallish caucasian woman with long, blonde hair that's been braided into a ponytail behind her head. Due to walking around in full plate armour all day, she has a very muscular build. Her hands are both covered in burn scars that travel all the way across her chest and back.
- Cape: Her armor is shaped to elegantly fit her body and her helmet is styled to be birdlike in appearance.
A proactive, hardworking woman who is fiercely competitive. She always feels the need to prove that she's better than everyone around her when out in the field. She doesn't work well with others and will often not listen to other people's advice when tackling a problem. There's not much room for compassion in her heart for villains since she views the world as very black and white with little gray area in between. Someone is either good or they are evil, but not both. She believes in responsibility and duty, and that someone should always strive to be better than they were the day before. Because of this she's constantly pushing herself to be better, often failing to meet her own standards and hating herself because of it.
Full time Protectorate hero. She has a salary of about 100k as well as custom gear designed specifically for her using PRT resources.
Wealth Level: 6
- A spiked, metal flail.
- A one handed metal shield.
- A two handed metal quarterstaff that can be collapsed down to a smaller size for ease of storage.
- A small pouch filled with about 5 metal darts wrapped in thin copper wiring so that when thrown, Blitz can hold onto the wire and use it as a conductor to zap people who get hit with the dart at range.
- A pair of handcuffs.
- Full PRT issue metal plate armor built for her body and gear.
- Skilled in fighting with a one handed flail and shield.
- Skilled in fighting with a two handed quarterstaff.
- Good people skills when not using her power.
- Always takes care to be aware of her surroundings even when in the middle of battle thanks to her experience as a hero.
- Is in great physical condition thanks to intense training.
- An expert in electrical engineering.
Power: Brute
Trigger type: Single Natural
The cape can convert kinetic energy into electrical energy and store said energy within their body. They convert kinetic energy into electric energy and store it in their body whenever two objects collide with each other within a 1 meter radius of them. How much they can convert isn't perfect however, they can only convert and absorb up to 75% of the kinetic energy generated from the impact. This absorption and conversion is a conscious effort on the cape's behalf, which means that while most of the time they will be able to reduce the impact of any attack, surprise attacks will catch them off guard and bypass their impact reduction. They use this electrical energy within their body to fuel the power of their attacks and abilities. The cape can store up to 6 charges within their body before being forced to use their Zap ability to expend it all on whatever they are touching. Charges don't last long and after gaining a charge the cape has only 5 minutes to use it before it dissipates. Different levels of kinetic energy award the cape with different amounts of charge. Below are the different amounts of charge followed with a few examples.
1 Charge: Strike with fist, improvised weapon such as table leg, weak blow with baseball bat, small pieces of flying rubble from distant explosion, fall damage from falling 1-2 stories.
2 Charges: Large club, punches with super strength or power armor, collision from car moving at moderate speed, fall damage from moderate height, shot by a medium caliber gun.
3 Charges: Hit by a train or car on highway, fell off skyscraper, shot by a large caliber gun.
The cape has several different ways to use their stored power including several different special effects
- Tether(2 charges): The cape can expend a medium amount of energy to shoot out an arc of electricity from their body up to 30ft. It travels at around the speed of an arrow from a bow. Upon contact with a human being, the target of the attack will feel a strong pulling sensation as the arc of electricity pulls them towards the cape. Brutes with enhanced physical strength or are especially heavy (as well as a regular human with good grip strength and is holding onto something sturdy to keep them in place) will be able to resist this pull. The arc only lasts for about 5 seconds before ending. The tether does not actually electrify the target, only pulls them towards the cape.
- Zap(All charge): The cape can discharge all electricity they have stored up in their body into a single attack, releasing it upon contact with another person or object. This attack can also be channeled through a conductive material like metal if the cape chooses to. To calculate the power of this attack, the more charges the cape has, the greater the power of the attack. For example: 1 charge would be around the power of a static shock, 2 charges would be around the power of a taser, 3 charges would be around the power of mild shock from a power socket, 4 charges would be around the power of touching a power line, 5-6 charges would be around the power of getting struck by lightning.
- Yoink(1 charge): The cape can expend a small amount of energy within them to pull a medium sized metallic object (like a car door or a metal sledgehammer) up to 30ft of of them towards their person using a kind of pseudo-magnetism. The pull is not that strong but the object being retrieved would move through the air at a speed of about 5ft per second. Its main use is for retrieving thrown, metal items after use.
Charges also come with a negative effect. As the cape stores up more and more energy, their ability to communicate and comprehend language is hampered. For example: while at 4 charges, anything the cape says will be mostly gibberish and words without meaning, meanwhile they would have a hard time understanding the meaning behind what others are trying to say.
Anna donned her helmet as she walked out of the Protectorate HQ. She bounced in place for a little bit, making sure her costume/armor was fitted correctly before heading out. Once that was done, she went on her patrol out in the city. She walked around town, making sure to conserve as much energy as possible should the situation call for it. Eventually her caution is proven right as a small gang of thugs run out of a the broken window of a jewelry store. Blitz cracks her knuckles.
"Hey! Stop right there criminal scum! Surrender peacefully now or surrender violently later!" They of course did not surrender. All three of the thugs looked to one another and laughed, one of them was masked. The two unmasked ones charged Blitz, wielding crowbars and the like. Blitz brought her shield to her front and planted her feet firm on the ground as the thug's weapon collided with her shield. She focused her power and absorbed 75% of the impact and converted the energy into electricity inside of her. Resulting in the strike hitting the shield with a small dink. Meanwhile the other thug flanked behind her and got a hit into her side, she used her power again and absorbed and converted the blow, softening the impact against her armored side. Blitz grunted in response
The goon, surprised at the lack of impact on his blow moves back slightly. Blitz grins, those two hits were enough for her to let out a meaningful shock. She sprung into action and decides to perform a counter-attack on the thug who she'd blocked with her shield. She charges forwards and rams the thug with her metal shield, expending all of the charge she had been holding up until then to release a taser level shock to the man as he's pushed to the ground. The man sits on the ground and writhes for a moment before passing out. Blitz knew that the shock wasn't powerful enough to knock him out for long, but she also didn't want to permanently harm the guy either.
At this point, the masked man begins to menacingly approach Blitz. She knew she just from appearances that this guy must be some kind of cape which meant that she needed to dispatch the other thug fast so she could focus her full attention on the masked man. Blitz turned around to face the other thug who was now very unsure about his life decisions as the fully armored woman begins to swing her flail in a vertical circle as she quickly moves towards the other thug. Blitz finally lets the flail swing but misses as the thug ducks under the spiked ball of the fail. Not letting the momentum of the swing end, she spins around in a circle and alters the direction of the ball to be an underhand strike. This time the thug is caught off guard and is hit right in the stomach. Blitz uses her power to absorb some of the blow she dealt to him so that he doesn't get stabbed and die.
The big masked man approaches her faster now, eventually charging her. Blitz sees him coming and braces with her shield in response. The two collide and she activates her power, absorbing the blow again. However, she felt no impact at all. Almost as if the man didn't even touch her shield. Then before she can figure out what happened she's sent flying, skidding against the pavement as her armor scratches against the concrete. She sits up and coughs. That hit really got to her since she didn't know it was coming and therefore hadn't activated her power. The masked man smirks at her as she gets back on her feet. Blitz deduces that his power was to delay and magnify the impact of his attacks.
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." She says to the masked man. Now that she knew what to expect, she properly defend herself. The two capes clashed again. This time instead of absorbing the initial impact, she waited and activated her power a few seconds afterwards to absorb the shock from the man's power. More blows were traded, the man got a good surprise uppercut while Blitz got a decent slam against his side with her flail, knocking him over.
Blitz spat out some blood onto the street next to her. She'd probably need to get that wound checked out once she made it back to PRT HQ. The masked man decides to retreat, realizing this is a losing battle he gets up and runs away from Blitz.
"Tsk tsk tsk." She says as she uses some of the charge she'd been building up to shoot out an arc of lightning towards the man which drags him back to her by the feet and then ends. "You're not getting away from me." She then swiftly kicks the man in the side as he lies on the ground, using her power to expend all the energy she'd been building up over the course of their fight. Tiny arcs of electricity could be seen coming out of her foot and traveling across the man's body. Needless to say, he was out like a light.
Blitz stretched and cuffed all three of the thugs she'd knocked out before calling up the police to come and retrieve the criminals she'd just stopped.
"I do love a good morning workout."
Anna used to work as an electrician for a big name electrical company who's job was to repair or maintain broken power lines. One day, a large storm swept through her area and she's sent out to repair as per usual. The problem was that there were a lot of lines to repair and she'd be all on her own. But she pushes through and by the end she's exhausted, but there was still one more line to do. Ignoring the advice of her peers, she pushes herself a little too far. In her exhaustion, she makes a fatal mistake. Forming a connection with her body, the live current of the power lines flows right through her. Not enough to outright kill her, but enough that her muscles locked up. Her flesh begins to cook and all she could think of was the agony. Unable to let go and break the connection, slowly frying within your own skin. She triggered. After that she started working for the protectorate part time, believing it was her duty to use her new power for the greater good. Eventually, she started working for the protectorate full time and hopped from major cape city to city, not staying in one place for too long due to her difficulties working with others.
Starting Reputation:
- Morality: 3
- Notoriety: C
- Wanted Status: None
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2020.09.19 00:43 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 310 (Evil Never Dies)

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Are all of you all right?
We're all right. They obvious were working off of bad intelligence and tactics.
They didn't stand a chance.
They did some damage, but it was mostly because of the sheer amount they threw at us.
Putting Omnicron back to sleep is proving more difficult.
We've got some fighting still going on. Mostly against the brain damaged ones who don't know when to quit but are smart enough to go guerrilla.
Found some poor bastards in the EmpShade Preserve.
Oh, those poor Lanaktallan. Did they live?
A handful. They're in bad shape, but we managed to rescue them.
The EPOW camps are full though.
Funnily enough, the ones who don't wander around in circles shouting slogans aren't too keen on going home. A lot of them have suffered severe brain injuries.
It's been three months out here, almost four. How are
>All right, test that section.
>Green lights. Looks good.
all of you doing.
What is that?
I've checked the lines. That's coming across the maintenance channels, but those have been damaged badly for centuries.
I'm starting to think
>Are you all right?
>Yeah. I think so. That puffies and their mother was rough.
>I know. We can do this because we must do this.
>It's just difficult some times. So many of them. All so afraid. I love you.
>I love you too. Just hold on. We can do this.
>We love you too, Wally.
that they might be.
Wait, did he say 'puffies'?
He did! He said 'puffies!"
What's a 'puffie'?
They've mentioned them before.
What are they?
Pubvians. An extinct species.
A xeno-species my people xenocided during the Terra/Mantid War.
If they're in the system, how are they finding Pubvians?
>Oh man, oh man. Ugh.
>What? Is the system destroyed? It'll be hard to fab equipment for that area, it's clean.
>No. Clean means no microbes. There's a pair of corpses stuck in the wiring and they're still gooey.
Wait, were Pubvians ever SUDSed up?
Not as far as I know.
Records are spotty at best.
They've encountered them before.
What's going on?
You don't think? No. No way. Everyone's been trying to figure it out for eight thousand years.
You don't
>OK, the system wasn't actually damaged. Looks like the wiring got pulled loose.
>Well, that's some good news.
>Yeah, it's straight green down the board.
>Well, I've got bad news.
think they actually got into the hardware of the SolNet/SoulNet system, do you?
I don't see how. We've had people working on it for eight thousand years.
Nobody's even gotten
>Well, the next part is Layer Gamma and then Layer Beta.
close to even figuring how the whole system works. We know on our side kind of what happens but anything to do with the hardware we
>You can't get there from there.
haven't been able to figure out what to do. That's why there hasn't been any hardware updates.
>So how are we going to...
That might not be... entirely true.
What did you do?
>Oh, man.
>There's something in the buffer. Looks like an old signal. It's pretty scrambled so I'll shunt it over to error checking and repair and then send you through.
>It's like going through Hell.
>No, it's like going between Hellspace and Deadspace and scraping the edges of both with your brain.
>Thanks for that, Sam.
What did you do to the system?
Anyone else completely lost?
No, I'm totally lost. I can't figure out
>How long till I get there?
>Ten hours.
>I'm going to recompile, defrag, and relax.
>Any preference?
>That park by the lake. The Treana'ad are doing ballroom dancing. I want to watch.
>All right. Sleep well.
what is going on.
Wait, wherever they are, where we can hear them talking, there's Pubvians, Treana'ad, Nammerain, and Terrans.
Are they...
Are they...
Are they in the SUDS system?
I thought only Terrans could be hooked into SUDS
Ballroom dancing? That's one of those fads that... wait...
It was HUGE 8,000 years ago among the Cattle Queens and everyone else.
OK, where are they?
Considering they fixed the emergency channels, they have to be where the hardware is.
Back up. TerraSol, what did you do to the system?
We found Legion. Turns out he wasn't dead.
You mentioned that.
Well, it turns out, he got into the SUDS system once before.
Daxin's wife.
And the dogs and cats.
Well, who better to get us into the SUDS than Legion?
We Black Boxed him.
You put the master of the Fleet of One in a Black Box Project?
Who else is going to get into it? You?
OK, there's some secrets going on here and I want them out in the open.
Do you need us to leave?
No, no. You get used to TerraSol. He's so twisty he has to screw his socks on.
Come on, spill.
All right.
There's evidence that the researchers working on the SoulNet and the SoulNet Neural Recording Application Device had made a major breakthrough.
Oh boy.
We'd figured out how to add everyone to the system.
Even the Treana'ad, which meant we just needed to add the Mantid.
We added phasic energy systems to allow the Mantid to join the SUDS.
Oh my god. Oh my god.
THAT'S why the SUDS blew out!
If you did that, then when the Mantid attacked, they'd have a direct line straight into the system for their psychic attack!
THAT explains why some of my people went crazy.
So, they wired the system up to accept Mantid psychics, the Mantid attacked, used psychic weaponry, and it blew out the whole system?
Not... quite.
Someone managed to get the system partially working.
It was Legion, wasn't it?
Oh, I bet it was
>You awake?
>Close the door and you'll mat-trans to Layer Gamma.
>All right. Ready Wally?
the Digital Omnimessiah.
Yeah, it was the Digital Omnimessiah. The Fourth Miracle.
Well, all this is fascinating, but how long until you're able to rejoin the rest of the universe?
Not sure. We'll probably be last.
Oh, wow! I didn't realize anyone was actually speaking! I've been running PSA's and commercials on this channel!
The alarm sounded, a howling that accompanied red lights. The computers all spun up, the drives whining, using crystal platters rather than the solid state drives that had been old tech even back then. Amber monitors flickered to life and information streamed by.
The hexagonal chamber lit up, the walls blue with gold starbursts. The machinery hummed, for the second time in thousands of years.
The hum died away and the emergency lights went out, the siren going silent.
was on several of the monitors.
It was silent for a long time, then the door opened.
A woman stood there. Naked.
A pack of cigarettes in one hand, a single cigarette in her mouth, a lighter in her other hand.
She lit the cigarette, inhaled, then slowly exhaled smoke before she spoke.
"Falmy, you bovine fucking bastard. I should respawn you with two cocks so I can geld you fucking twice."
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2020.09.19 00:42 lisagreenhouse Gary Michael Hilton, the National Forest Serial Killer, is known to have murdered four people. But his crimes and travels make it hard to believe there weren’t earlier victims. Are there more waiting to be discovered?

Who is Gary Michael Hilton?
Gary Michael Hilton, sometimes referred to as the National Forest Serial Killer, was a drifter who murdered at least four hikers in and around national forests in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina between 2005 and 2008.
Hilton was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in January 2008 for the murder of Meredith Emerson, 24. After that conviction, investigators across the country began looking into unsolved cases that were similar to Emerson’s, and Hilton was charged with and found guilty of three more killings. In 2011, he received the death penalty in a Florida court for the slaying of Cheryl Dunlap, 46. In March 2012, he plead guilty to the murders of John Bryant, 80, and Irene Bryant, 84 and a North Carolina court sentenced him to four consecutive life sentences.
Emerson, Dunlap, and the Bryants shared no specific victimology, instead it appears he chose them at random when he needed money. Investigators agree that his were crimes of opportunity, and they believe Hilton may have committed more murders across the southeast United States in the years before his four known victims were killed.
Hilton was born November 26, 1946. He had an unstable home life and varied criminal record that stretched from childhood until he was arrested for Emerson’s murder at the age of 61. In 1959, when he was just 13, Hilton reportedly shot his stepfather in a jealous rage over his mother. His stepfather didn’t press charges, but Hilton did spend some time in a mental hospital after the shooting.
At 17, Hilton joined the army, and he served from 1964 through 1967, including a tour in West Germany. He was honorably discharged in 1967 after he had been hospitalized for hearing voices and diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Hilton was married at least three times, but none of his marriages were long—the longest was just two years. He isn’t believed to have any children. His third wife was a security officer at Stone Mountain Park, a 3,000 acre park near Atlanta that offers camping, hiking, wooded trails, lakes, and family attractions, including the massive peak at its center that is carved with the likenesses of Confederate soldiers.
Hilton loved the outdoors. He hiked, camped, and frequently lived in forests and mountains around the south and southeast United States. He loved dogs, too, and had a dog named Dandy (sometimes reported as a golden retriever, other times described as red in color).
He never had steady employment; after leaving the army, he worked as a chauffeur in Florida from 1970 to 1972, and he was arrested in 1995 for stealing books he was hired to sell from a door-to-door sales company. From 1997 to 2007, he worked off and on handing out advertisements and doing odd jobs for a Gwinnett County, GA, siding company, but he permanently lost that job when he threatened to kill the company owner if he didn’t pay him $10,000.
Hilton also had ongoing legal troubles. He was convicted of a DUI in Florida in 1973; in 1983, he was convicted for carrying an unlicensed gun and a drug charge; he was found guilty of theft and marijuana possession in 1987; and he plead guilty to 21 counts of solicitation in 1995.
Samuel Rael, an attorney and filmmaker in Atlanta, admitted that in 1995 Hilton helped him develop the plot for the movie Deadly Run. The movie is about a man who stalks, hunts, and murders women in the woods, a storyline that has similarities to Hilton’s crimes. Rael had defended him in court multiple times since the mid-1980s for crimes ranging from arson and trespassing to solicitation of false charitable donations. Rael said Hilton, whom he considered a consultant on the project, came up with the idea of the main character releasing women into the woods to be hunted like prey and that he also helped select that cast and found the cabin in the woods near Cleveland, Georgia, where much of the movie was filmed. Meredith Emerson’s remains were found approximately 30 miles from that same cabin 13 years later. Investigators have said that Hilton was not considered a suspect in any murders or disappearances during the time the movie was being filmed.

Confirmed Victims
Victims are listed in the order of their disappearances and murders. However, his final victim, Meredith Emerson, was the first to be linked to Hilton. His implication in her murder helped solve the others.
Irene Bryant, 84, and John Bryant, 80, disappeared after driving 20 miles from their home to hike and look at fall colors in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest on October 21, 2007. The couple had been married for 58 years and loved traveling, hiking, and being outdoors. Their active lifestyle meant that they were sometimes hard to reach, and it took time for their neighbors and family to realize they were missing. Their son Bob reported them missing on November 2. He drove from his home in Texas to North Carolina to help search for his parents and discovered their vehicle at a trailhead parking lot. Investigators subpoenaed telephone and financial records and discovered that Irene had tried to call 911 around 4 p.m. on October 21 but the call didn’t go through. They couldn’t confirm whether the call failed due to lack of service or interference by another person. Financial records showed a bank withdrawal from their account at 7 p.m. the day after Irene attempted the 911 call. Security footage at the bank in Ducktown, Tennessee, 25 miles away from their vehicle, showed a slender man man in a hooded raincoat using the Bryant’s ATM card. Investigators couldn’t identify the person, but it was neither of the Bryants.
Irene’s body was found on November 9, covered with leaves and sticks, just 100 yards from where the couple’s vehicle was parked. She had been killed by a blow to the head and her arms and legs appeared to have also been beaten. Investigators speculated that her attacker had lain in wait on the trail or in the woods just beyond the parking lot.
John’s skeletal remains weren’t found until February 5, 2008 when a hunter stumbled across them.
On October 26, 2007, Hilton was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy while trespassing on private hunting land. Hilton tells the deputy he’s a paratrooper on field maneuvers, and, when asked if he’s carrying any weapons, he shows the officer an expandable police baton. The officer checks for open warrants and then lets him go. However, Hilton did have an open warrant for a minor 1972 offense in Miami, and he should have been detained.
In March 2012, Hilton plead guilty to murdering the Bryants, and he admitted to camping out in the parking lot, scouting for victims. Hilton admitted he had kidnapped Bryant from the parking lot, drove him to the Nantahala National Forest, walked him 30 feet down an embankment, and shot him in the head. It’s believed Hilton wasn’t certain he could control both victims at once, so he chose to kill Irene at the location and then use her death to intimidate and scare John into cooperating and giving him the couple’s ATM PIN number.
In the days before the Bryants’ murders, other hikers reported seeing, talking to, and even photographing and confronting Hilton in the Pisgah National Forest in the area where the Bryants were murdered. Along with pleading guilty of ambushing and killing the Bryants, Hilton also plead to robbery and firearms offenses in their case. He again accepted a plea deal to avoid the death penalty and was remanded to serve four additional life sentences consecutively with the life sentence already handed down for Emerson’s murder.
The Bryants are Hilton’s first known victims, although he was sentenced in their cases after being tried for his later crimes.
Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, 46, was a mother of two grown sons and a nurse and Sunday school teacher, She was last seen alive on December 1, 2007. She had gone hiking alone in Apalachicola National Forest in the Florida panhandle just outside Tallahassee at about 9 a.m. Friends reported her missing after she failed to show up to teach her Sunday school class on December 2 or arrive at work on Monday morning, December 3. Three days after she disappeared her car was found with a flat tire, parked on the shoulder of Highway 319 just outside of the national forest. A search of the area revealed nothing of use. However, an investigation into her digital footprint discovered bank withdrawals.
A little over a week after she went missing, authorities released surveillance photos of a man successfully using Dunlap’s ATM card to withdraw money on December 2, 3, and 4, the three days immediately following her disappearance. Police could not identify him because he was wearing a rubber mask, gloves, and hat. Detectives staked out the ATM machine for the next week, but the man never returned.
Dunlap’s decapitated remains were discovered near Bloxham Cutoff Road in the Apalachicola National Forest on December 15 by hunters who noticed the presence of buzzards. Because her head and hands were missing, it took a DNA sample to confirm that the remains were hers.
Hilton was proven to be in the area when and where Dunlap disappeared because a forestry agent had run his vehicle tag number through the police database on December 7. After Dunlap’s body was found, a hunter also reported coming into contact with Hilton in the forest—driving a white van, wielding a knife and appearing disheveled or homeless. The hunter said he’d warned Hilton that the woods was a bad place to be during hunting season. This interaction allowed the hunter to identify Hilton in a photo lineup. A forestry agent had also questioned Hilton on November 17, 2007 and run his white van’s tag number through a database to ensure it wasn’t stolen. On December 28, another forestry agent interacted with Hilton in Osceola National Forest, about 160 miles from where Dunlap was last seen. Those sightings proved Hilton had been in the area before and then left after Dunlap’s murder. The final item of proof was one of Dunlap’s boots, which Hilton was attempting to discard in the dumpster with Emerson’s belongings when he was initially arrested.
Investigators believed Hilton kidnapped Dunlap from the Leon Sinks Geological Area of Apalachicola National Forest, where friends said she had mentioned going to read a book. He likely kept her alive for a few days in order to get money from her ATM card, finally killing her. Investigators say he burned her head and hands in his campfire, then left her vehicle by the road after puncturing the tire with his police baton. There was no physical evidence tying him to the crime, but investigators were able to recover audio tapes on which Hilton had recorded himself talking crudely about women and referencing killing women and hiding things. He said he was a sociopath who could disassociate from the act of murder.
Hilton was indicted on Thursday, February 28, 2008 for Dunlap’s murder, kidnapping, and two counts of grand theft. He was found guilty by a unanimous jury in February 2011 and sentenced to death. He unsuccessfully appealed the conviction.
Dunlap was Hilton’s third known victim; he was sentenced in her case after being tried and found guilty for murdering his last-known victim, Meredith Emerson.
Meredith Emerson, 24, was last seen alive on New Year’s Day 2008, with her dog, a black Labrador retriever mix named Ella. The pair had left home in Buford, Georgia, to hike one of their favorite trails on Blood Mountain. The location is the highest peak in Georgia’s section of the Appalachian Trail and is located on the border of Lumpkin and Union counties inside the Blood Mountain Wilderness and the Chattahoochee National Forest.
Concerned after she didn’t return home, Emerson’s friends and boyfriend reported her absence to local police. She was classified as an overdue hiker. The next day, friends and authorities searched the area where Emerson and Ella had been hiking but did not find either of them. A winter storm moved in that day, and authorities had to halt the search.
After her disappearance made news, witnesses came forward to claim that they’d seen her hiking with an older man, approximately 60 years old with a red dog, on a spur trail that connects the Appalachian Trail to the Byron Herbert Reece Parking Lot. One caller was a former police officer. He reported that while hiking he’d discovered a police baton, water bottles, sunglasses, a barrette, and a dog leash and treats scattered over an area of disturbed and scuffed ground. He had seen an older man with a police baton walking with a younger woman minutes before finding the items, and he recognized the leash as the one the young woman had been holding. At first, he’d thought they were father and daughter, but the scattered belongings and evidence of a struggle concerned him. While there, he talked with another group of hikers who had seen the man hiding in the woods, but they were unable to locate him after a short search. They gathered the scattered items and left them at a local store, but they didn’t call police at the time. The next day after seeing a report on TV about Emerson’s disappearance, the former officer called investigators to report what he’d seen and found the day before.
Also on January 2, John Tabor, a former employer of Hilton’s, called police to let them know Hilton matched the description of the man seen with Emerson on the trail. He said Hilton had called him a few hours before and had apologized for acting erratically and violently toward him, asked him for money, and told him he was near Blood Mountain. He’d asked Tabor to leave him a check at a business Tabor owned, but he never came to collect the check. Investigators noted that Tabor hadn’t called them immediately to inform them of Hilton’s similarity to the suspect or his proximity to the possible kidnapping.
Police also recovered surveillance images of Hilton unsuccessfully attempting to use Emerson’s ATM card. Investigators had hope that Emerson was still alive and they were now sure she was with Hilton, so they disseminated Hilton’s DMV photo to the media.
On January 4, another witness called police to report that he had encountered an older man and young woman camping near a white van. The witness was driving a lawn care truck when he got it stuck in a stream. He asked the older man for help, but he’d refused. The witness said it seemed like the man was trying to keep him away from the van. When the witness called police dispatch to ask for help getting his vehicle unstuck, the man quickly packed up and left the area in a seeming rush.
That same day, Ella was found wandering in a grocery store parking lot in the town of Cumming, Georgia, about 60 miles away from Emerson’s last-known whereabouts. Investigators also discovered bloody clothing, bloody men’s boots, and Emerson’s purse and wallet in a dumpster across the street from the store where Ella was located. A boot, later confirmed to belong to Hilton’s third victim, Cheryl Dunlap, was also recovered from the dumpster.
Later that evening, a witness called 911 to report that Hilton—whom he recognized as the suspect in Emerson’s disappearance from news reports—was at a local gas station cleaning out a white van. Police arrived and prevented Hilton from using a vacuum cleaner and bleach on the van’s interior; they also discovered bloody clothing and blankets he had attempted to discard in the gas station trash receptacles. Blood in the vehicle was later matched to Emerson, and Hilton was charged with her murder.
During almost five hours of interrogations, Hilton admitted that Emerson fought back against him when he attacked her, yelling and using her martial arts skills to fend him off (she’d earned a blue belt in aikido and was posthumously awarded a black belt). He said that she almost got away, but that he was finally able to subdue her when she lost her footing and stumbled. He said he’d chosen to attack her because she was a woman, and that they’d hiked together for a while before she outpaced him. He then stopped and waited for her down the trail, planning to rob her of her ATM card when she was returning to her vehicle. He admitted to taking Emerson from the parking lot in his van, returning at her request a few minutes later to pick up Ella, who had initially been left behind. He drove her to multiple banks and unsuccessfully attempted to use her ATM; police believed she was intentionally giving him wrong PIN numbers to buy time. Unfortunately, no one at the banks or law enforcement noticed the failed transactions or attempted use of Emerson’s ATM cards until January 4.
Eventually Hilton gave up and drove Emerson to a secluded location where, for three days, she continued to give him incorrect ATM PIN codes in an apparent attempt to give rescuers time to find her. Hilton told investigators that he tired of waiting for the correct PIN number, so he told Emerson he was taking her home; however, he admitted that he knew he couldn’t release her since she’d seen his face and vehicle and knew so much about him. Instead, while she was tied to a tree, he hit her over the head repeatedly with a car jack handle to kill her, and then he decapitated her. He covered her body with leaves, then drove to another wooded area more than an hour away, where he discarded her head. He said he was unable to kill Ella and decided to let her go. Disturbingly, in that same interview, when asked about whether it was hard for him to kill Emerson, Hilton stated, “It was hard … you gotta remember we had spent several good days together.”
Hilton offered to lead investigators to Emerson’s body if they’d agree to remove the death penalty option. An autopsy confirmed Hilton’s story: her cause of death was officially listed as blunt force trauma to the head, and she’d been decapitated postmortem.
He plead guilty to Emerson’s murder on January 30, 2008, and he was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years.
The case was in the news again in 2010 when a writer for Hustler magazine submitted a request for crime scene photos for use in an article about Emerson’s kidnapping and murder. A judge blocked the request, preventing the Georgia Bureau of Investigation from releasing "any and all photographs, visual images or depictions of Meredith Emerson which show Emerson in an unclothed or dismembered state.” The Georgia House also passed The Meredith Emerson Memorial Privacy Act, preventing “gruesome crime scene photos from being publicly released or disseminated.” The Act, House Bill 1322, stops the release of all images in which victims of crimes appear “nude, bruised, bloodied or in a broken state with open wounds, a state of dismemberment or decapitation.”
Hilton’s involvement in Emerson’s kidnapping and murder drew the attention of investigators in other states. While she is believed to be his last victim, the successful investigation into her case resulted in his guilty pleas and sentencing for three other murders. A series of other unsolved crimes is also being investigated for ties to Hilton.

Possible Victims
Melissa Witt, 19, disappeared from the parking lot of a local bowling alley in Fort Smith, Arkansas on December 1, 1994. On January 13, 1995, her body was found by hunters in a rural area of the same county from where she disappeared. She was naked, and her remains were near a rock that’s been described as headstone-like. Her clothing was never located. Some investigators believe that there are similarities between Witt’s disappearance and death and those of Hilton’s known victims.
Judy Smith, 50, is considered a possible victim of Hilton’s because her remains were found near the location where Hilton would bludgeon Irene Bryant a decade later. Smith was last confirmed to have been seen by her husband, Jeffrey, at a Philadelphia hotel on April 10, 1997. The couple flew from their home in Newton, Massachusetts to Philadelphia the day before so that Jeffrey could attend a work conference. After arriving at the airport, Judy discovered she had left her identification at home and would not be able to board the plane. She returned home to retrieve her ID and took a later flight, meeting Jeffrey at their hotel. She planned to go sightseeing while Jeffrey was attending the conference, and Jeffrey confirmed she’d been alive and in their room that next morning. That evening, after the conference meetings had ended for the day, Jeffery could not find Judy. He searched for her and tried to report her missing around midnight, but investigators told him he needed to wait 24 hours.
During the ensuing investigation, there were a number of sightings of a woman matching Judy’s description in and around Philadelphia, several of which seemed to describe a person experiencing psychological problems or acting disoriented or disturbed. Other possible sightings were of a woman matching Judy’s description riding the bus, shopping at a mall, and sitting outside a gourmet grocery store. The Smith family found some of the descriptions and sightings credible.
On September 7, 1997, about five months after Smith was last confirmed to have been seen, hunters in the Pisgah National Forest about 9 miles from Asheville, North Carolina discovered scattered bones around a shallow grave. Some clothing and personal effects were also located. Cut marks and punctures found on the ribs and clothing suggested the victim had been stabbed. The remains were confirmed to be those of Judy Smith. Strangely, the clothes she was discovered wearing were not any she was known to have owned or reported by witnesses, and the family has no explanation for why or how she got to or was in Asheville. Later reports found that people in the Asheville area had seen Judy or a woman who resembled her. The sightings were deemed credible, but no one claimed to have seen Judy with anyone else. Money and jewelry was found near Judy’s body and belongings, so robbery was ruled out as a motive. Investigators came to believe Smith traveled to Asheville voluntarily, but they’re unsure of why or what happened to her while there. Hilton has been suggested as a possible suspect, but investigators have not publicly linked him to Smith’s case or named as a suspect.
Levi Frady, 11, was abducted from Little Mill Road in Forsyth County, Georgia, on October 22, 1997. The next day his remains were found partially submerged in a rainwater-filled pit in Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area in Dawson County, Georgia. He had been shot three times, once in the chest and twice in the head. Investigators consider Frady’s case open and active. Some have hinted Hilton is considered a suspect, but he has not been publicly named.
In April 1998, Jason Knapp, 20, disappeared. He was a student at Clemson University, and he was last known to have been seen by his roommate at around 10:30 p.m. on April 11, watching a movie at their residence. His vehicle was found on April 21 at Table Rock State Park in Pickens, South Carolina. The area is about 30 miles from the university and is very rugged. Investigators found a Wendy’s restaurant receipt inside the vehicle dated April 12 at 1:30 p.m. It is believed he drove to the park on April 12. He had also withdrawn $20 from his bank account that day; his bank cards, including an ATM card, were never found. The area around his vehicle showed no signs of struggle or foul play, and it is unknown whether he drove to the location alone. Searchers canvassed the area around his vehicle for two weeks and found nothing of interest.
Patrice Endres, 38, disappeared from her hair salon in Cumming, Georgia, between 11:30 a.m. and noon on April 15, 2004. She vanished during a gap of about 12 minutes between clients. The front door of the salon was unlocked and the cash register was empty, but there was money in her purse. Her lunch was in the microwave and her vehicle was parked at the salon.
Her skeletal remains were found in December 2005 behind a church about 10 miles from her salon. A woman came forward with a description of a man in a white van parked in front of the salon, but she later recanted the story. Serial killer Jeremy Brian Jones admitted to killing Endres and dumping her body in Sweetwater Creek in Douglas County, but authorities ruled him out as a suspect after her remains were found 70 miles from that location and when he couldn’t provide any additional information that wasn’t in the public record. Authorities looked at Hilton’s possible involvement, but they say he is no longer considered a suspect. There is no information as to why investigators have ruled him out.
Rossana Miliani, 29, lived in Miami, Florida, and disappeared while vacationing in Cherokee, North Carolina. She was last confirmed to have been seen at about noon on December 7, 2005, in the hotel where she was staying. She called her father and told him she was going hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Some reports say she was spotted in Bryson City, NC, where she rented a storage space, shortly before disappearing. Miliani is reported to have bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but no details are available about whether she was on medication or if she was experiencing any issues at the time of her disappearance.
On the two-year anniversary of her disappearance, a clerk at a local store read an article about Miliani and called investigators to report that she’d sold a backpack or bag, possibly a sleeping bag according to some sources, to Miliani and a man who claimed to be a traveling preacher who visited campsites around the Appalachian Trail. According to the clerk, the man was about 60 years old, had hair greying at the temples and may have been wearing a hair piece because his hair looked unusual. The clerk claimed that Miliani appeared to be nervous.
A private investigator working on the case released a sketch of the unidentified man in June 2009. The man resembles Hilton, and he’s considered a possible suspect. Neither Miliani nor any of her belongings, including luggage and a camera, have been found; no money has been withdrawn from her bank account since her disappearance, but a deposit was made on December 31, nearly three weeks after her disappearance. No further information is available about that deposit.
Some sources say Hilton is known to have stolen and unsuccessfully tried to use Miliani’s bank card, but I was unable to find official corroboration of those reports.
A fisherman found the remains of Michael Scot Louis, 27, dismembered and stuffed in plastic garbage bags, in the Tomoka River at Ormond Beach, Tomoka State Park, Florida on December 6, 2007. His torso and legs were recovered, but his head has never been found. Louis was last known to have been seen on November 21 or 22, 2007, but when his remains were found 16 days later, the autopsy estimated he had only been dead for two to seven days. It’s unclear where he was or who he may have been with during the days he was unaccounted for. Days after his disappearance, his Firebird was found parked unusually far from his apartment in the apartment complex’s parking lot in South Daytona, Florida, with the keys still in the ignition and his dirty laundry and guitars inside.
Hilton was officially ruled out as a suspect after DNA testing did not implicate him, but some thought he should remain on the list as a potential suspect. In January 2018, Nelci Tetley, 67, was arrested for shooting to death and dismembering her then-boyfriend, Jeffrey Albertsman, 55. It was discovered that she had possibly also dated Louis, although she denied knowing him or having a relationship with him, and she’s been named as a suspect in his case.
University of Georgia student Cayle Bywater disappeared from Athens, Georgia on December 29, 2007. She was reported missing after neighbors became concerned when her dog was seen running loose outside her home. Meredith Emerson would be kidnapped three days later from Vogel State Park, about 80 miles north of Athens.
On January 11, Bywater’s body was found in an Athens lake. An autopsy listed drowning as her cause of death, but there’s disagreement about how she came to be in the lake. There were no traces of illegal drugs or alcohol in her system, but she had been prescribed medication to treat a mental disorder, reported by some agencies as bipolar disorder. The autopsy also found a previously undiagnosed heart defect, but that could not be proven to have played a part in her death.
A photograph taken by an undisclosed individual the day she was last seen alive shows Bywater in Memorial Park walking her dog on leash. Witnesses claim to have seen someone matching Bywater’s appearance walking a dog in the park near the lake where her body was later found, and some said she appeared to be disoriented or chasing the dog. No signs of foul play were discovered on her body or at the scene, but her family insists she did not wander off or commit suicide. In a news article dated January 8, 2008, ( her family was concerned that she may have been kidnapped by someone who saw her in a disoriented or confused state and took advantage of the situation. That same news article mentions the kidnapping of Meredith Emerson by Gary Michael Hilton but quotes an investigator as saying the local police department and Georgia Bureau of Investigation did not consider the cases related at that point. It’s unknown if Hilton is now or was ever considered a suspect in Bywater’s case.
Are there more? There are dozens of unsolved cases of missing and murdered people in the areas where Hilton was known to or may have traveled or lived. Someone put together this Google Map detailing known and possible victims of Hilton: . It’s a very interesting rabbit hole. I’m unsure who created the map or what criteria they used to include possible victims. If anyone on this sub has information about the creation of this map, please let me know and I’ll include more details.

What Don’t We Know? Discussion and Theories
Knowing what we do about Hilton and the crimes for which he was convicted, it’s hard to believe that Emerson, Dunlap, and the Bryants are his only victims. Investigators have pointed out that it’s rare for a serial killer to start killing in their 60s, and Hilton’s crimes seem to be the work of a confident killer. His lack of victimology—targeting victims based on opportunity rather than sticking to a certain type of person—and his large geographic footprint, transient lifestyle, lack of family and friends, and remote hunting grounds all point to the possibility that he’s been active for a lot longer than the short spree of four known victims.
There are so many missing people and unsolved homicides in the southeast corner of the United States that it’s not hard to think Hilton may be responsible for some of them.
What are your thoughts or theories?

A note of thanks: u/cspach2005 invited me to do this write-up on Hilton for an upcoming podcast on They covered my previous write-up on Timothy Bindner ( in this podcast,, so I was thrilled to contribute again. I’ll add a link to the podcast episode on Hilton once it’s done.

Park Predators podcast about Hilton:
YouTube video of Georgia Bureau of Investigation interview with Hilton (4.5 hours):
ThoughtCo blog from July 14, 2019 about Hilton’s crimes:
Murderpedia entry for Hilton, including text from news articles:
Timeline of Hilton’s life and crimes:
Strange Outdoors article from January 23, 2018 about Hilton and his victims:
CNN article from 2008 detailing how Hilton helped make a movie about a serial killer:
Wikipedia article: Murder of Meredith Emerson:
March 23, 2008 article detailing Hilton’s confession and Emerson’s fight to survive:
March 11, 201 article about judge barring release of crime scene photos in Emerson’s case:
August 2012 opinion piece by the journalist who requested Emerson crime scene photos explaining why he did so:
Wikipedia article about the Judy Smith case:
Rossana Miliani Charley Project profile:
Article from December 17, 2007 about remains found in Florida, possibly linking them to Cheryl Dunlap:
Article from February 28, 2008, announcing Hilton’s indictment in the case of Dunlap:
March 27, 2012 article about Hilton pleading guilty to the Byrants’ murders:
May 17, 2008 article detailing John Bryant’s autopsy findings:
January 4, 2018 article about the Bryants:
December 23, 2007 article about memorial service for Michael Scot Louis:
January 24, 2018 article about Nelci Tetley’s arrest, possible implication in Louis’ death:
January 13, 2017 article commemorating the 22nd anniversary of Melissa Witt’s unsolved disappearance and murder:
Jason Knapp’s Charley Project profile:
April 4, 2010 article about Patrice Endres’ disappearance and murder:
Google Map detailing known and possible victims of Hilton: (I did not create this map, nor do I know who did or what criteria they used when choosing which possible victims to include. I’ll gladly edit the post to include that information if someone knows more details about the map’s creator or creation.)
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Links to other posts: VMP records
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2020.09.19 00:14 bishysenpai Harbinger Excerpts

Excerpt - "a passage or quotation taken or selected from a book, document, film, or the like; extract."
Three months ago I decided to create Excerpts for the Year 3 Heroes. The idea came from a user on here who made some for several heroes from other factions a while back, and I decided to make my own for those who loved his/her work.

For the Excerpts they are done in a way where heroes of the selected hero's faction, give a brief description on the person whether it be a story, opinion, etc.

If you'd like to read any on them, here are the links:

Black Prior

Feel free to let me know what you guys think of them in the comments here or on the post you read
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2020.09.19 00:08 RulerD [Music Survivor] Carly Rae Jepsen - The Emotion Era Round 18 of 25

"If you're gonna go then go", she said to me on the phone, "So tired of votin' out all your Boy Problems*"...*
Remember to vote for your LEAST favourite song!


Songs in:

Rank Song Votes Against Percentage Runner-up
26th Black Heart 58/126 46% 10.3% (13/126)
25th LA Hallucinations 11/57 19.3% 17.5% (10/57)
24th I Really Like You 11/72 15.3% 13.9% (10/72)
23rd Warm Blood 30/170 17.6% 13.5% (23/170)
22nd Roses 18/142 12.7% 12.0% (17/142)
21st I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance 20/134 14.9% 9.7% (13/134) (2 songs)
20st Body Language 23/183 12.6% 10.9% (20/183)
19th Store 23/170 13.6% 10.1% (17/170) (2 songs)
18th Favourite Colour 10/80 12.5% 11.2% (9/80)
17th Making the most of the night 18/143 12.6% 11.9% (17/143)
16th The One 21/100 21.0% 10.0% (10/100)
15th Never Get To Hold You 12/90 13.3% 12.2% (11/100)
14th Love Again 36/220 16.4% 13.2% (29/220)
13th Higher 27/155 17.4% 14.2% (22/155)
12th First Time 33/188 17.6% 15.4% (29/188)
11th All That 22/114 19.1% 17.5% (20/114)
10th Boy Problems 21/107 19.6% 15.0% (16/107)

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See top of Post for info on Silver Age X-Men Omnibus Vol 1 and 2 Set
Dark Avengers Complete Collection TBP (Bendis, $59)
Ant Man by Nick Spencer Complete TPB Set ($29)
Cloak and Dagger complete collection TPB Set ($29 Set)
Vision (King) TPB Set ($15)
Age of Ultron (Bendis) TPB ($10)
Thanos: Cosmic Power TPB ($15)
Thanos – A god up There Listening – oversized HC ($7)
Thanos Rising TPB ($5)
Star Wars - A New Hope 40th Anniversary HC (variant cover collection) ($14, in shrink)
New Avengers Vol Premier HC vol 2 (2011 second series) ($5)
Captain America – American Nightmare – Premier HC ($5)
All-New, All-Different Avengers Vol 1 - Magnificent Seven ($4)

Marvel X-Men Books
Wolverine – Origin II oversized HC ($10)
Weapon X Vol 1 TPB - Weapons of Mutant Destruction Prelude ($4)
Wolverines Complete TPB Set ($29)
Death of Wolverine TPB Tie-in Set ($25)
New X-Men - Academy X (DeFilippis/Weir) Complete TPB Set ($35 Set)
New X-Men: Childhoods End (Kyle/Yost) - Complete TPB Set Vol 1-5 ($49 Set)
X-Men: Inferno - Complete Collections TPB Vol 1 and 2 set (vol 1 has a ding on bottom spine corner) ($75 Set)

Marvel Spidy TPB
Spider-Men TPB (vol 1, Bendis) ($9)
Daily Bugle TPB (2017 version) (includes Daily bugle 1-4, Deadline 1-4, more) - ($10)
Untold Tales of Spider-Man TPB (1996 edition, 1-8, major shelf wear) - ($5)
Spider-Man and Daredevil – Greatest Team-ups (1996, major shelf wear) - ($5)

DC Misc HC’s / TPB
Spirit Archives 9, 10, 11, 22, 24, 25, 26 (all new in shrink, $175 for set, will split 9-11 out)
Harley Quinn by Kessel & Dodson HC Vol 1 and 2 ($39)
Newsboys Legion Vol 1 HC (DC Kirby Library) - ($25)
Superman Unchained – Deluxe HC (SnydeLee) ($10, minor shelf wear on jacket)
Superman / Wonder Woman (New 52) HC set ($22)
Injustice - Gods Among Us - Year 2 HC Set - Vol 1 and 2 ($24)
Amethyst - Princess of Gemworld - Showcase "phonebook" TPB - ($22)
Teen Titans (New 52) TPB – The Culling – Rise of the Ravagers - ($11)
Earth 2 (New 52) Vol 1 HC– The Gathering TPB - ($9)
Teen Titans post-Rebirth TPB Set ($29 Set)
Justice League 3000 TPB set ($15 set)

DC Batman HCs/TPB
Batman - The Dark Prince Charming HC Vol 1 and 2 (Marini, Dargaud) ($25 set)
Catwoman – Nine Lives of a Feline Fatale (minor cover creasing, shelf wear, $20)
Batman – Dark Knight Returns TPB (2002 version) ($7)
Batman - Master of the Future (1991 Prestige Format elseworlds, gaslight sequel)) ($3)
Batman and Robin – New 52 Vol 1 Bad Blood – Essential Edition TPB (Tomasi/Gleason, same contents as “Born to Kill” TPB) ($12)
Batman - In Darkest Knight (Prestige Format elseworlds) ($5)
Batman - Scottish Connection (Prestige Format) ($5)

RASL Vol 1 - The Drift (TPB, B&W Treasury size) ($5)

------SINGLES------- Buyer pays exact shipping
Legion of Super-Heroes Collection
LOSH 1st series –
Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes – 207 (VG/F), 210 (G), 212 (VG), 213 (no cover), 215 (no cover), 218 (G+), 220 (VG), 224 (G+), 228 (G), 230 (G), 233 (no cover), 234 (VG/F), 236 (F), 237 (VG/F), 238 (reader) ($23 set)
Legion of Super-heroes – 270 (VG), 279 (VG), 280 (VG), 283 (VG), 289 (F), 296 (VG), 297 (F), 298 (VG), 299 (F), 300 (VG), 301 (F), 302 (VG/F), 303 (F), 305 (F), 306 (VG), 310 (F), 311 (F), 312 (F), 313 (F+), annual 3 (F+) ($20 set)
Tales of the Legion of Superheroes – 326 (F-, 1st reprint), 327 (x2, F), 328 (VG+), 329 (F), 346 (F), 350 (F), 352 (G) ($5 set)
LOSH 2nd Series (Levitz) –5 (F), 6 (F), 10 (F), 11 (F), 14 (VF), 17 (VF), 18 (VF, crisis), 40 (F), 43 (VF) 44 (VF/NM), 45 (F+), 47 (VF), 60 (VF), 61 (VF), 63 (VF), Legion of Substitute Heroes Special 1 (F, 1985) ($15 set)
LOSH 3d Series (1989) – 1 (VF), 2 (VF), 5 (VF), 25 (VF), 26 (VF), 41 (VF), Annual 1 (VF-), Annual 2 (VF-) ($12 set)
Legionnaires – 1 (open bag w/ Computo card), 2, 3 – AVG VF ($5 set)

New Teen Titans Collection -
If there are single issues you need let me know, I have a stack of doubles i can check
Teen Titans (1970’s) – 44 (no cover), 45 (no cover), 46 (no cover), 47 (G), 48 (no cover), 50 (G) - $7 set
Teen Titans Spotlight (1986) – 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 18, 21 (set avg F, $8 set)
New teen Titans (Vol 2 Baxter, 1984) – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 47 (F to VF, $38 for set)
New Titans (continued from New Teen Titans vol 2) – 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71 (F), 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 109, 117,annual 6, 7, 8, 9 (VF or better, $79 for set)
Team Titans (1992) – 1 (x5 cover set), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 (VF or better, $19 set)
Teen Titans (1996) – 1, 2, 3, 4 (VF or better, $8 set)
The Titans (1999) - 23, 24 - $4 set

Justice League Collection
Justice League of America (Vol 1) sets:
Post Giffen/Dematteis - $39 set
JLA (1997) - 28, 29, 30, 31 ($5 set)

West Coast Avengers + Extras - $35 set

X-Men Bronze/Copper Singles
Cable – 1 (x2), 2, 3, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 32, 51 (VF or better, $15 set)
X-Man – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 18, 20, 21, 22, 26 (F), 29 (VG), 33, 38 (VG) – (VF or better, $10 set)
Excalibur – 33 (F), 34, 35, 42 (VG), 43, 46, 47, 50, 60, 70 (VG), 73, 92, 93, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 115, -1 - (VF or better, $18 set)
Magneto 0 (1993) - $2
Generation X – 1, 4, 5 (x2), 6, 18, 21 (VF or better) – ($7 set)

Marvel Singles
Warlock/Infinity War Set ($30 Set)
Micronauts – The New Voyages – 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 – all F ( set for $5)
Hercules – Prince of Power 1984 mini – 1 (x2 DM, VG, F), 2 (x2, NS & DM, F), 3 (NS, VG/F), 4 (DM, VG/F) – (Set for $4)
Inhumans (1975 series) – 7 (reader, $1)
Official Marvel No-Prize Book (1982) + Generic Comic Book (1984) – 1 (VG, $4 set)
Secret Defenders – 1, 2, 3 (VF or better, $5 set)
Red Sonja (1982 2nd series, only 2 issues) – 1 (x2, F and VG), 2 (F) (Set for $5)
Red Sonja (1983, 3d Series) – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (F to F+ - set for $7)
Punisher – 2 (F), 8 (VF), 35 , 36, 41, 42, 46, 47, 48, 50, 56, 59, 60 (x2), 61, 67, 68, 103 (F+/VF-), annual 4 (F to VF), Punisher War Zone – 3, 34 (F to VF), Classic Punisher (reprints of early shorts) – ($30 set)

DC Singles
Omega Men set (1983, Avg F condition, $10 set) - 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 35
Infinity Inc set (1983, Avg F Condition, $25 set) - 1 (VG), 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 22 (crisis), 23 (crisis), 46 (millennium)
Saga of Swamp Thing (1982)
DC Special Series (1977) – 10 (G, $2)
Warlord Collection
Underworld Unleashed 3 (VF/NM) $2
History of the DC Universe 1, 2 (VF, $5 set)
Invasion – 1 (F), 2 (F), 3 (x2 a DM (VF) and NS (F)) - $7 set
Millennium – 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8 (F to VF) - $8 set
Legends – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (F, $9 set)
All Star Comics (1999) 1, 2 (VF, $4 set)
JSA (1999) – 1 , 2 , 4 (avg VF-, $10 set)
Justice Society (1991 mini) – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 (avg VF, $6 set)
Justice Society (1992) – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (avg VF, complete set, $15 set)
America vs the Justice Society (1985) – 1, 2, 3, 4 (VG/F) ($6 set)

Superman Singles
Superman Family Giant (1970’s)– 180, 206 (VG) (all VG, $4 Set)
Superman (1987) – 73 (VF), 109, 111, 112, 114, 118 – ($10 set)
Superman: The Man of Steel – 55, 57, 60, 61, 63 ($7 set)
Adventures of Superman – 532, 541, 543 ($5 set)
Superman – the Man of Tomorrow – 4, 5, 6, 7 ($5 set)
Superboy (1994) – 1, 2, 11 (all F, $3 set)
Supergirl (1994 mini) – 1, 2 (all F, $2)
Steel (1994) – 1, 3 – ($4 set)
World of Smallville – 1, 2 – ($2 set)

Other Singles
John Sable, Freelance (First Comics, mid 1980s Mike Grell) – 5, 8 (x2), 9, 10, 11 (x2), 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 45, 48, 52 (Avg F condition, $20 for set)

Blu Ray/DVD Sets
Stargate SG1 Season 1 DVD Set - ($5)
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2020.09.18 23:47 COD_Mobile_Official Call of Duty: Mobile - September 18th

Call of Duty: Mobile - September 18th
Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are a little more than a week into Season 10 now and with plenty of content already released, like Headquarters mode, Terminal map, the Battle Pass, and several seasonal challenges. Today, we have even more releasing with the Hunt for Makarov event, the return of 10v10 mode, and more seasonal challenges to dive into. However, before we jump into that we wanted to take a sidebar from all of the usual season specific highlights to talk about top plays.
We’ve done two social campaigns labeled #AreYouInCODM and they have been all about finding some of great clips from players participating in our Call of Duty: Mobile World Championships. We released the first player highlights video derived from these efforts back in July and we are back today with a second player highlights video focused around some excellent sniping. Take a look!
We’ll have a general player highlights video coming out in a few days as well, so keep an eye out for that on our usual social channels. For now, let’s jump into some news and highlights about recent events, the World Championship, and some feedback and bug reports!
Here is the full look at most events currently running or coming soon to COD Mobile:
  • 9/10 - 9/24 ~ Headquarters Mode (MP)
  • 9/10 - 9/27 ~ Terminal 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 9/17 - 9/23 ~ Battle Royale Warfare Mode
  • 9/18 - 9/24 ~ 10v10 Collection Playlist (MP)
  • 9/18 - 9/24 ~ Gun Game Moshpit Playlist (MP)
  • 9/18 ~ Two New Seasonal Challenges released
    • New Perk available through the Vigilance challenge
  • 9/18 - 10/01 ~ Hunt for Makarov Event
*All Dates UTC
While there is a lot to grind for or acquire right now, like the new Operator Skill – Equalizer, the new Echo shotgun, the M4 – Feral Stalker, or this brand-new High Alert perk, there is still plenty more on the way. Just as a quick call-out, Hardcore mode is still on the way, the new Pine map for Gunfight, and a new Battle Royale Class - Hacker.
Before we jump into everything and break down many aspects of this release, we would like to share our carefully and lovingly designed Roadmap that gives you a glimpse at what has already released and what else you can expect to see this season. Take a look!
World Championships – Regional Playoffs The time is finally almost here for Stage 4 of the COD Mobile: World Championship 2020 to begin! These are the regional playoffs and they are launching in different regions at different dates. Sure, we could list them out again like last week and explain that these are some of the top teams who fought hard to make it this far, but instead we’ll just let this brand-new video do the talking for us 😉.
We’ll be streaming these Regional Playoffs through a variety of different platforms, like YouTube,, and Trovo. While we amplify and share content on our main global channels, we also have different pages setup for specific regions. Since LATAM and Japan are our first two playoffs, here is where you can find those YouTube channels to catch the upcoming livestreams:
LATAM (Spanish) YouTube: Call of Duty: Mobile Spanish Official - YouTube Brazilian (Portuguese) YouTube: Call of Duty: Mobile Portuguese Official - YouTube Japan YouTube: CoD Mobile Japan - YouTube
All participants for these events should have received information already from our teams about how to participate in this stage of the tournament, but if for some reason you are a participant and haven’t seen anything, please check out our newly updated World Championship website for Stage 4 info.
Hunt for Makarov Event Our first major event for the season is now here – the Hunt for Makarov. This event follows in the wake of S9's Finest Hour event by giving you a map to explore and some straight-forward ways to collect the Explore Points you’ll need to uncover it all and find Makarov.
All you need to do is play any MP or BR matches to acquire explore points and then head back to this featured event to uncover areas and grab new rewards, like the M4 – Feral Stalker blueprint. If you are a Battle Royale enthusiast, there are also hidden pieces of Makarov’s photo to collect there, which will give you a unique reward if you find them all. Get a quick overview of the event below!
You can find some more information on the event along with some tips on how to quickly complete it on our newest Activision blog post. Lastly, please keep dropping us feedback about events like this to help influence the creation of similar events in the future! Enjoy and best of luck hunting down the ever-elusive Makarov.
Seasonal Challenges
We have two more seasonal challenges out now, bringing the total up to five so far released in Season 10. Last week we released Survival Kit, Master Operator, and Run Gun. Those three mostly featured different and uniquely S10 themed weapons, either camos or blueprints, while this new batch has plenty of weapons available but also a new perk – High Alert. Check out the details below.
Point Blank This hefty eight-part seasonal challenge is by far the most challenging of these two, but with that extra challenge comes over a dozen rewards! As per usual we have credits and Battle Pass XP mixed in with specific items, and to acquire them you’ll need to use and get kills with a variety of different weapons including some closer quarters one like the Cordite and Echo. Here are the main rewards:
  • (Uncommon) RPD – Pelt
  • (Uncommon) Cordite – Plated green
  • (Rare) Charm – Tasy Treat
  • (Rare) Sticker – Kick Back
  • (Rare) Cordite – Iridescent
Vigilance This four-part seasonal challenge is pretty simple and straight-forward as long as you are up to the challenge of getting some kills in Multiplayer with sniper rifles and a few specific perks equipped. However, to get all of the rewards you’ll have to unlock the new High Alert perk, which is one of the first rewards you unlock, and then also get kills with it equipped. Here are the main rewards:
  • (Uncommon) DL Q33 – Pelt
  • (Uncommon) M21 EBR – Plated Green
  • (Rare) Calling Card – Thermal Marksmen
  • (Common) Perk – High Alert
10v10 Mode This chaotic and action-packed mode is back by popular demand! This relatively new mode, which launched in Season 9, has been in high demand despite it being frequently available through limited time playlists. It has returned until September 27th (UTC) and as a part of a 10v10 Collection Playlist.
Make sure to jump in and utilize it as much as you can to level up weapons in Gunsmith and complete any seasonal challenges that are benefited by constant action, like the new Point Blank challenge.
Lastly, since people frequently ask how to make a mode permanent; as we’ve mentioned before with other modes, like the now permanent Kill Confirmed, if you want this mode to keep coming back frequently, or even potentially be permanent, then play it as much as you can while it is out and keep letting us know your thoughts throughout the community.
Honey Badger Draw Both our devs and the general CODM community have often talked about balancing different themes and styles in Call of Duty. We all often compare military spec gear that is realistic and meant to make you look like an elite soldier, with more some more comical, light-hearted, colorful, and non-typical options. It is something always on our mind with the design of every draw, crate, BP, and seasonal theme, and that balance is clearly important to everyone.
Now with the new Honey Badger Draw, we have a non-typical approach that mixes both military spec with some light-hearted and fun designs. This one is full of uniquely forest themed weaponry, gear, and a character. You can acquire the HBRa3 - Swarm, a weapon just oozing with potential (and bees), a mountaineering themed solider: Golem - Black Forest, the PDW 57 - Beekeeper, Charm - Hive, and much more. Check out the HBRa3- Swarm’s unique kill effect in action:


There has been a variety of different discussions that we’ve been following since the launch of Season 10 and while we may just try to quickly chime in on those with replies on social media or community posts, there are a few we’d like to spend some more time discussing this week.
Bug Fixes and Improvements A challenge every developer faces is whether to focus on releasing new content and new features all of time, or to take a step back and do a maintenance update intending to fix bugs, provide balance changes, or things that are far less obvious but improve the long-term health of the game. With COD: Mobile, we’ve always tried to balance both in each update.
However, Season 9 and Gunsmith was one of our largest updates for this game (if not the largest) and that means it was also the most challenging in relation to maintenance. What all of that means is that we do have some updates planned in the near future that are likely to be more of a maintenance update than a content drop. However, we are still always going to be trying to identify, investigate, and fix whatever we can along the way.
In regard to improvements, we do plan to have future updates that will help address some of the feedback about the new BR changes, UI changes from Gunsmith, and a variety of things that should help everything feel a bit cleaner. It may come in this next update or the one after, but we are always reading feedback, planning improvements, and working those improvements into the next update that has space for it. Just keep on reporting bugs, leaving us feedback, and we’ll share back info and any changes or fixes when we can.

Bug Reports

While we are still looking into various issues and those troublesome bugs that cannot be easily identified, reproduced, or reported, there are a few topics and bugs we wanted to discuss this week. Also, we’ve seen a lot of mentions of people downvoting bug reports recently and please do not do that. We absolutely want to see bug report threads.
There can those rare posts that aren’t actually bugs or with no information, but we’d still prefer to see them, respond (if appropriate), sift through them, and at least be aware of the potential issue instead of them getting nuked to the void from downvotes.
Missing Quick-Chat Voices A few weeks ago in a community update we asked players to let us know if they are still seeing issues with characters not having voice overs/voices in the quick chat menus. Many players kindly took the time to report back, thank you all so much for that, and we are happy to say that this is something that is now being worked on. No clear ETA on anything related to this one, but we’ll try to update and give a specific call-out for it once we see it in an upcoming patch or update.
Event Reward Issues A little over a week over we had some events running at the end of Season 9 that had some bugs preventing players from collecting the rewards. These two events were 10 Men Regiment and Survival Skills. We’ve been sending out these rewards to players who did not receive them, via the in-game mailbox, so if you haven’t received yours yet just hang out since they may still be on the way.
However, if you have not received your missing reward by around this same time next week please reach out to us so that we can look into that for you. Thanks for the patience on this one!
Desync and Lag Related Issues These are both generally still hot topics in the community, as evidenced by this recent thread, and while we are still always open to investigating any issues related to either of these, we did want to bring up that these are different issues. What is shown in that thread could be a desync issue, but more likely the player being fired at was lagging out and on the verge of losing connection to the server.
Desync issues are generally tied to you attempting to fire at someone, them moving normally and reacting normally, and none of your shots registering or they are registering late. If someone is stuck in place, not moving, and not responding, then that’s just good old-fashioned lag and most likely on their end. We believe with the most recent update we’ve at least significantly improved desync related issues, but if you are still seeing them just please let us know and report them.
Speaking of which, we’d love to collect some information on that this week. We’ll start a thread in the comments below and sticky it, but if you are still experiencing desync related issues please respond below and let us know the details we are requesting. This should help us see if there are any clear patterns whether it comes to region, networks, devices, or how it is experienced. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help report this issue!
Support Options Lastly, while we do see and report bugs through community channels, it is generally only large and clearly identified issues while our player support teams can go through all kinds of reports and in a much more detailed way. Please report bugs through these main support channels:
This week we are back to promoting some creative works in the community! Generally, we are always looking through various areas of the community and whenever we see some excellent art, creations, videos, or anything we’d like to share with the broader community we reach out to see if the creator would be interested in sharing. This time, it is all about weapon designs!
Reddit user RealChebuRex has been a part of the Call of Duty: Mobile community for a few months now and in that time they have posted a handful of different weapon camos creations or variations. The one that caught our eye first was their GKS Hyperspace:
GKS - Hyperspace by RealChebuRex
Another unique design is their variation of the M4 – Backscratcher that we released back in Season 7: Radioactive Agent. This Electric design just works in all of the right ways.
M4 - Backscratcher Electric by RealChebuRex
While they don’t have any social media accounts with more work, you can always head to RealChebuRex’s Reddit profile to see some of their latest posts and creations. Take a look and thanks to the broad community for always finding ways to foster so many types of creative works.
We have something coming up in the near future that should be perfect for all of you out there who like to create brand-new weapon blueprints (on pre-existing weapons) or camo variations 😉. However, that is it for this community update and thanks to everyone for all of the support. We have so much so much more coming in October and we cannot wait to share more about it.
-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team
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2020.09.18 23:43 -Caramel- Switched back to air cooling and owned the Noctua vibe

Build picture
I wanted to focus more on a quiet/not annoying build this time around. My previous build was balls-to-the-wall loaded with RGB, custom watercooling and custom ordered parts. That was fun, but the occasional air bubbles were incredibly annoying when I was trying to sleep and performance wasn't really worth the work for me.
I love Noctua's colour scheme. I intend on getting some sleeved cables to eventually fully tie the build together, but corsair's stock white cables are nice as is.
CPU is temporary until early next year, planning on upgrading to the 16 core Zen 3 processor.
I purchased everything but the 2080 Ti from Canada Computers, list of parts is below for those interested.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $269.99 @ Newegg Canada
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler $109.95 @ Amazon Canada
Motherboard Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER ATX AM4 Motherboard $429.99 @ Newegg Canada
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $289.99 @ Memory Express
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $289.99 @ Memory Express
Storage Seagate FireCuda 520 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $299.00 @ Canada Computers
Storage Seagate FireCuda 520 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $299.00 @ Canada Computers
Storage Seagate FireCuda 520 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $299.00 @ Canada Computers
Storage Seagate IronWolf NAS 8 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $277.23 @ Vuugo
Storage Seagate IronWolf NAS 8 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $277.23 @ Vuugo
Video Card EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB Black Video Card $900.00
Case Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Mid Tower Case $129.50 @ Vuugo
Power Supply Corsair RMx (2018) 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $209.99 @ Amazon Canada
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $4080.86
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-18 17:43 EDT-0400
Footnote: The third M.2 slot on this motherboard is a confusing mess to get an SSD into
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2020.09.18 23:43 DarrylmSykesjr Want to share your story

Does anyone want to share their story of becoming porn free on my Podcast - The Black Book Podcast?

Here is a little about the podcast:


The black book podcast exists to be a tool in helping thousands of men and women across the world become free from porn.

What is the Black Book?

The black book, or your black book, is the book of secrets you keep hidden away in a deep dark place where no one will ever find them. Often, we go back to the pages of our black books to relive those moments, to feel the high of that vice we love and hate so much. When we do this we find ourselves addicted just like we once were.
The Black Book podcast is a safe space where men and women alike can feel liberated as they destroy their black books publicly and anonymously. No one knows your name or who you are - all they know is another person has just taken the step to becoming truly free from pornography.

If you just want to listen is fine too --- Listen here --
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2020.09.18 23:40 TheRealLippy [Service] Lippy's Lube Service - New York New York

I Am a Artist by Trade, My Mother has her own art studio and passed her love of all art mediums down to me. I also love building Keyboards because Lubing Switches truly is an Art Form
I have been perfecting the ART of lubing switches for a long time and through my journey, I have come to realize a few things. Tub/Bag lube makes very consistent good results but IMO I believe that the only way to truly make every switch perfect is to hand lube each by hand. It takes a lot longer but I lube every customer switch the same way that I lube Switches for my Personal Builds. I use only what I consider to be the best supplies, I test every switch in a hot swap board before I ship them out to make sure that each and every one is perfect. I do this service because I love Lubing Switches and being part of the Keyboard Community, Not to Make Money. I charge enough to replace my supplies and grow my service, That's It.

Hand Lube Switches Your Choice of Lube or My Recommended SoundTest $.35 per Switch
TX Switch Films CleaBlack or White $.10 per Switch
Gold Durock Springs I have 62g/65g/67g/70g/73g right now $.15 per Switch
Switch Restoration Ultrasonic Cleaned in a Solution Bath, Ultrasonic Cleaned in Distilled Water and then Hand Wiped Down $.45 a Switch
Tuned and Lubed Durock Stabilizers Have Clear, Black and Purple 60%/65%/TKL 6.25u & 7u $2 per Stab for Yours or $35 for a set of In Stock
Soldering Send me your PCB and Plate with Switches Solder Solder 1 $45
Desoldering DeSolder $65

My current turnaround time is about 2-3 days
Please Comment before PM'ing, After Pm Please fill out the Form Below
Order Form
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2020.09.18 23:37 Rude_Lifeguard Ranking BlackPink´s comebacks

For this ranking i will take into consideration the choreo, the outfits, the video and the song it self, remember that this is my opinion not a fact, feel free to comment your own ranking belo.
9.Stay (6): This song is really good, the vocals from all of the girls are great, the video is beautiful but i dont really like the raps, overall this is a great song, the only reason is last is because i am taking choreos into consideration and this one doesnt have one, if it wasnt for this it would be a little bit higher.
8:Ice Cream (6.5): The video and the outfits were perfect, the girls look fantastic, the choreo is ok but i dont like the song, i wouldnt go out of my way to listen to it, Jisoo´s part is the best and i hate both Lisa´s rap and when Jennie says " Get it, flip it, scoop it Do it like that, ah yeah ah yeah Like it, love it, lick it Do it like la-la-la, oh yeah " are the worst part of the song, the only reason this song is not last is because of the choreo.
7:Boombayah (7): This song is both cute and badass, their styling was great except for some Lisa/Rose outfits, this is my least favorite video from them, it looks cheap in comparison with their other videos even tho it was probably not cheap at all, Lisa´s rap is really good, and the best part of he choreo is the chorus. Also handheld mics remain superior
6:Dx4 (7.5): Jennie´s rap is her best one to date, the tank alone makes the video get a 10, the song itself is good, i dont really like the choreo, its boring and simple witch is why it kind off went viral because anyone could recreat it, their overall styling was good with some exceptions, the pink and the white outfits were the best ones.
5:Whistle (7.8):I love the styling and the video, the video is cute and the styling is more "badass" so they complement each other really good, Jennie´s rap and the pre chorus are the best part of the song, the choreo is also really fun and engaging,
4:Playing with Fire (8); I dont really like the beggining of Lisa´s verse were she is doing a mix of rap and singing, Rose´s "on and on and on" and Jennie´s rap are the best part of the song and the choreo, the styling was ok even tho they really had Lisa looking like a blue bird.
3:How you like that (8.5): The video is beautiful, Lisa´s rap is my favorite part, the choreo in the second chorus is the best part of the choreo, i loved this song the first time i listend to it and everysingle outfit both in the video and on stage were a 10 out of 10. Lisa´s pink wig has to go.
2:AIIYL (9): The set design for the video was out of this wold beautiful, Lisa´s rap is the best rap she has had hands down and her orange hair remains superior. this song has my favorite BP choreo, and for the styling i only liked their school girl uniforms.
1: Kill this Love (10): People like to call this song Dx4 2.0 but this everything about this song is better that Dx4, the video is better, the choreo is better, the styling is better, the rap is better, the only thing that i didnt like about this era were Lisa´s blonde wig and Jennie´s black wig/extencions
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2020.09.18 23:36 FBjoshualive Question about Elo.

Here's a screenshot of my current match history.
My question is if there is a breakdown to how we can keep track of our elo points when hopping between ranks. I go back and forth between Iron 3 and Bronze 1 quite a bit. Particularly because I soloQ and it is usually a disaster lol. Though I have been diligent with practicing and warming up before matches and have noticed quite an improvement in my skill. My history was mostly red a little more than a week ago.
I was recently demoted to Iron 3 after a "slight decrease" in my rank. Since then I've added and subtracted the rank improvements and reductions based on the amount of arrows I receive to keep a rough estimate. In the image, at the draw on the bottom, I was at -1. So adding the greens and reds against eachother, I come out at +5. I know I'm like 1 really good match away from being Bronze 1 again, but I'm just wondering what I'm missing in that figuring. I feel like I definitely should have ranked, but the elo varaibles must not be as black and white as arrows going up and arrows going down after matches.
Another question, are afk teammates not taken into consideration? That most recent match on the top only went on one arrow though we were 4v5 for most of the second half. The afk'er was our top player so we all had to pick up quite a bit of slack to get the win. I feel like a "slight" increase is a bit of a knee jerk. At least two of those other wins in that last had afk teammates. EDIT: The afk'er never returned to the game either. I would understand if they ended up coming back.
Any clarity on the elo stats would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to monitor my points a little more accurately if possible.
(And yes. I love playing Killjoy.)
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2020.09.18 23:35 johnc2001 well, here goes....cringe incoming [18M4F]

I’ve never done this before and I know the odds are stacked up against me here but HEY I’m an anxious, insecure mess who’s looking for a girl to chat with (how original I know) cause I’m feelin kinda lonely and my friends irl are people from the school I’ve just graduated from who I honestly have nothing in common with. I’m not amazing at making conversation all the time I admit but I don’t mind listening to you vent and giving out advice!
I don’t really have many interesting hobbies and to be completely honest I’m not a big fan of video games (although I do have a Nintendo Switch with a couple of games like Smash and Animal Crossing) which many people see as weird since who doesn’t love video games rite?!?! However, I’m an avid music listener and if you want to see some of my cluttered playlists you can do so here but I’m very open to trying other stuff! I also love me some good TV (The Sopranos, Mad Men, Black Mirror, BoJack Horseman) and am really interested in social history and anything to do with pop culture. These things aren’t requirements for you to be my friend but obviously the more common interests we have the better!
By the way if you want a taste of my sense of humour then go see @salad.snake/@fuckadvertisements/@tiddyfuckthalasagna on IG because that’s a pretty good summary.... I’m a sucker for any music memes too and enjoy a good dose of sarcasm
Anyway thanks if you actually read this even if you don’t wanna message me and if you do feel free to ask me any questions. I’m gonna say I’d definitely prefer someone close to my age and I don’t tolerate any bigots but I don’t even know if anyone’s gonna respond to this at all so yeah.
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2020.09.18 23:35 FrequencyOfLife [US-AZ] [H] Drop ALT Black High Profile, 90x Holy Pandas [W] Paypal

Drop ALT Black High Profile Cherry Stablizers (lubed Krytox 205g0, clipped, Dielectric grease on wire) Case Sound Dampening Foam No Switches Drop ALT Keycaps Included - $230 Shipped CONUS
SOLD 90x Drop Holy Pandas Stock Most recent batch - $110 Shipped CONUS
Bundle Drop ALT + Holy Pandas - $300 Shipped CONUS
Really loved my Drop ALT, but it is time to move on, RGB is not my thing any more. I also realized that I don't like tactile switches.
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2020.09.18 23:28 LordLundo [US-TX] [H] Key65, Iron165, GMK Sets [W] Paypal

Hello mechmarket!
I've found my "endgame" and am no longer interested in my 65% boards and have no need for all these sets. Comment before PMing please.
Alu Fox Lab Key65 - $750 + Shipping SOLD FOR ASKING
A Stock Graphite Iron165 - $2000 + Shipping SOLD FOR ASKING + GMK DELTA
GMK Cafe + Spacebars (Sealed) - $275 + Shipping SOLD FOR ASKING
GMK Analog Dreams (Sealed) - $220 + Shipping SOLD FOR ASKING
GMK Delta + Spacebars (Sealed) - $275 + Shipping SOLD WITH IRON
GMK First Love (Sealed) - $275 + Shipping
GMK 9009 R3 w/ Red Swirl Rama Cap (Sealed) - $220 + Shipping
GMK Froyo (Sealed) - $250 + Shipping
If you have any questions or would like more pictures feel free to ask!
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2020.09.18 23:25 removalbot 09-18 21:25 - 'This is the rambling of a college racist who’s mad at his dad masquerading as an intellectual. How dare you pretend to “be aware of history” or “working towards a better society” while acting shocked anyone could questi...' by /u/AceholeThug removed from /r/HistoryPorn within 15-25min

This is the rambling of a college racist who’s mad at his dad masquerading as an intellectual. How dare you pretend to “be aware of history” or “working towards a better society” while acting shocked anyone could question the 1619 project.
No one denies “how America was built.” We do say there is more to the US than slavery, slavery, and more slavery. Slavery is taught everywhere in the US, people like you are trying to claim it’s the centerpiece of the US. I don’t even understand the point of this effort except to create racial tensions and maybe convince some gullible white people like you that black people are owed reparations.
No matter how hard you try to make society better, you’re making it worse and I’d love to be there on the day you realize not only are you a terrible person, but it’s too late to change it because you don’t know how to be anything else. You are going to live with the fact that you made us all worse off.
Context Link
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: AceholeThug
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2020.09.18 23:22 sexySpoMama 38 FF/G nursing bra measurement check and recommendations

Measurement check and recommendations for busty nursing bra
I am 3 weeks postpartum and breastfeeding. I am looking for nursing bra recommendations for a larger bust. I currently have two kindred bravely (sublime nursing bra in XL busty and cotton sleeping bra in XL busty). I cannot stand the sleeping bra because it has very little support and feels very loose in the cups when I’m lying down/sleeping. The sublime is ok but I definitely don’t love it. I’ve been looking at Cake and Hot Milk but want to be sure of my size before making the plunge.
Band loose: 38.25” Band snug: 36.875” Band right: 34.75”
Cup standing: 45.25 Cup bent: 47 Cup lying down: 45.75”
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2020.09.18 23:15 EastofEverest Don't listen to the music: Song of the Sea [Part 2]

Part 1:
The following is a compilation and analysis of highly sensitive files provided by an anonymous source from within the US Navy, which were in turn sourced from fishermen in the West Pacific. Names, dates, and locations have been altered to protect the identity of those involved.
Video footage shows the waters clearing. The Enigma’s rate of sinkage appears to slow to a standstill.
The floodlights illuminate an isolated plateau on top of a pillar in the endless dark abyss.
A swarming mass of rotting corpses writhe on top of a rusted, barnacled city.
It’s the light, they see it. They’re coming.
The date counter begins malfunctioning at this point
Unknown Timeline Day 1
“It’s the lights, Lana! Turn them off!”
Simon’s yelling pulled me out of my stupor just before the first of them reached us. They threw themselves against the cold steel hull loud enough to ring the entire place like a gong. It was a crescendo of thundering and crashing to the point of pain as what could only be thousands of bodies slammed into the sides.
The structure of the ship started to groan and tremble under the pressure, and I saw some of the steel plating bend, cracking the five inch thick glass of the portholes. Human bodies shouldn’t be able to do that.
I stumbled my way to the cockpit, where the bulbous transparent window was already webbed with fine fractures, and pulled the master kill switch for all the electronics in the submarine.
We were immediately plunged into darkness. Out of pure instinct, I dove onto the floor and lay still, heart pounding traitorously against my chest. For all I knew, the front canopy was only a few hits away from completely shattering and allowing the full crushing depth of the deep to pulverize everyone who was still alive.
Thankfully, our hunch about the lights was correct. The pounding of bodies against the hull quickly dwindled, then faded to silence. I strained my ears for signs of movement, and when I found none, slowly crawled my way back into the opaque metal confines of the sub’s living quarters.
An ear-splitting sound, one of metal on metal, broke my concentration. In the next moment, all hell broke loose.
Out of the darkness came the sounds of dozens of fast footsteps. At the same time, I stood up in panic and hit my head on a metal beam, sending waves of sharp, hot pain down my scalp. The footsteps gave way to a grating, hysterical screaming unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It was like a thousand nails on a chalkboard, amplified and humanized through a thousand voices that made my spine tense up and hair stand on end.
I panicked, which I knew I shouldn’t have done, and I’m sorry for the people I hurt as a result. I decided to start running, feeling my way to the medical bay where we set up a safe area for most of our healthy crew. The footsteps behind me became rapid and heavy, their screaming more urgent. I rounded a corner and felt a hand grab me by the elbow. It felt like slime and grit and mold. Thankfully, I knew the insides of this submarine like the back of my hand, and so I also knew there was a fire extinguisher right on the edge of the wall. Without even pausing to think, I threw my shoulder into the glass with all my weight, shattering it into dozens of large, sharp shards. Perfect. I grabbed a shard with two hands, clamping the blade-like piece on each side and drove it into the neck of my captor. The body jerked away from me, moaning in pain, and I felt warm, thick blood pour out into my hands. I’m sorry.
I grabbed the fire extinguisher for safekeeping and kept running while spraying foam behind me to try and slow them down. On the way, I ran into some of my crewmates. Some were quick to join me, others weren’t so lucky. If our chasers didn’t stop to brutally disassemble our stragglers, a fact that presented itself to me in the sounds of violent ripping of flesh and crushing of bones, then I probably would not have made it.
It typically takes less than a minute to get anywhere within the sub to anywhere else, but it felt like an eternity before I finally reached the heavy bulkhead door signifying that I’d reached the medbay back near the cockpit. A few of the crew made it in with me. Others didn’t make it in time before I had to seal the bulkhead. I’m so, so sorry.
I’m writing this entry right now in the med bay, along with four other people who had the idea to come here and also managed to make it. Simon… he’s not here. I really hope he managed to seal himself off somewhere until we can figure this out.
The only two people out of my close acquaintances who I know for sure survived are Alex and Anton. Yes, the same Anton who was coughing up his lungs a few days ago. He’s just here now, and he assures me he’s perfectly fine. Alex, especially, is shocked about this development and has been running tests on him for the past hour. They’ve been sectioned off in a corner of the bay to try and prevent any spreading of the disease, but Alex tells me there’s no longer any trace of symptoms or the illness on him anymore. He talks the same as he always has, makes the same terrible dad jokes, and he suddenly just seems surprisingly healthy.
Yet there’s something… off about him. He just reeks of wrongness.
Are we all going crazy?
Unknown Timeline Day 2
I woke up today with a splitting headache and a sharp pain in my shoulder. It turns out that hastily handling broken glass in the dark lead to some pretty nasty lacerations in my shoulder as well as my hands. Alex managed to patch me up pretty nicely, but we’re both worried about possible blood-to-blood wound contact with the mob that was trying to kill me.
Speaking of the mob, Alex and I talked and he thinks that they were our own crewmates, not outsiders who managed to break in like I thought.
He was treating the sick in the back of the sub (in full safety equipment, he assures me) when the creatures outside started banging on the submarine. The patients had been complaining about the singing getting louder for a while now, but when they heard the banging… they lost their minds. Alex recalled suddenly seeing his patients clawing at their ears, foaming at the mouths, and violently tearing at their own skin, begging for the singing to stop. It was all he could do to escape with his own life. He remarked that the only people who are still themselves are people who haven’t reported hearing the singing. A shiver ran down my spine.
In the distance, if I strain my ears, I can hear a faint tune:
I had strings, but now I’m free…
Unknown Timeline Day 3
We’re in quite a predicament here, and I’m not sure I can think of a way out. We’re God knows how deep in the ocean at this point (the untrustworthy bathymeter says 4000 miles, which would place us near the center of the Earth), and if we tried to escape or resurface, we’d either get sucked into the downward current that brought us down here in the first place, or we’d be completely swarmed and destroyed by a hoard of dead seamen just outside the submarine. And that’s assuming we could somehow get out of this med bay and into the cockpit to do anything.
Once again I found myself talking to Alex about some kind of diversion, which we could maybe use to buy me enough time to bolt myself back inside the cockpit. Alex kindly reminded me that he’s a medic and not a combat strategist. If we were going to take back the submarine, he’d leave me to figure it out for myself. Thanks a lot, man.
Anton overheard the conversation and sat up in his bed, beckoning me to come over to him. Alex had cleared him of all ailments and infectious agents, but I was still cautious about getting anywhere near him. Plus, there was that whole issue of him coming back from being practically dead. He beckoned again, and I found myself drifting over to him anyway, trying not to think about the strange, almost chemical smell he gave off.
“If you’re looking for a way to take back the sub, a diversion isn’t going to be enough. You’re going to have to kill them. They’re already looking for a way into the med bay, and they’re going to make it in eventually”
The sight of the bolted down, bloody air vents interspersed throughout the room and the occasional metallic thud of a body slamming itself against the metal bulkhead door was enough to convince me that Anton was right.
“How do you propose we do that?”
“Listen, the sickness was caused by that song. When we got down here, that song got so twisted and deafening that it caused most of the crewmates to go absolutely crazy”
Alex had never told Anton the story about his patients.
“And I know you hear it too, Lana”.
“H-how do you-”
“So what we do is, we deafen them. I don’t care if they were our crewmates, but they aren’t anymore. We take the industrial SOS flares stored in most major rooms of this sub, use them to blow out their eardrums and melt their retinas at close range. If they can’t hear the song, they’ll collapse like vacant puppets”
Anton’s coarse dismissal of our crewmates’ lives was jarring. I knew him as such a warm, empathetic guy. But I knew what he said was true. Those people were gone. Maybe I’m rationalizing, but I’m pretty sure most of them were missing vital body parts when they were chasing me down. I nodded.
“But how do you plan on flaring all of them at once? It’s a cramped labyrinth of a submarine, you’re going to have to get them all in the same place.”
Anton made a face I’d never seen him make before. It was like he was an excited little boy, eager to show his mommy what amazing thing he’d discovered in his backyard. He grinned at me proudly, savoring the ingenious plan he was about to share with me. He dropped his voice to a hoarse whisper and leaned in:
“Fresh meat. We can use some of the more expendable people in here with us as bait, since the corrupted seem to love killing healthy people. They’ll put up a good fight, long enough for as many to gather around as possible before using the flares. Since they don’t have much experience, we’ll just tell them that they’re igniting special sparklers to fend off the light-fearing corrupted. We’ll make them think they’re securing the room when they’re literally lighting their own grave.”
My face must have given away the sick feeling I suddenly had at the pit of my stomach.
“Why the grave face?” He flashed me his classic joker face and laughed.
“It’s foolproof. We just need a few eager volunteers
As he continued to chuckle to himself, I realized an ammonia-like smell was coming from his lungs.
Unknown Timeline Day 4
I was so disturbed by Anton’s behavior yesterday that as per my request, Alex had him strapped securely in his medical bed so that he wouldn’t be able to murder anyone in their sleep should he suddenly feel the urge to do so.
Meanwhile, the situation with the corrupted crewmates has gotten worse. They no longer seem to be trying to get in the med bay, having found it practically impossible to force their way in here. Instead, they’re pursuing the unfortunate survivors stranded in other parts of the submarine. The frequent, faint sounds of moaning and banging in the distance suggests that most of them had left our end of the sub alone. If we were to make our move, now is the chance.
But what even is the point? The chances of survival are so slim, and returning to the surface is such a distant impossibility that it didn’t even register on my list of priorities. We’d just be prolonging our deaths.
Well, a spark of hope was just reignited in me by Alex. He managed to coax the display console typically used for communicating with the cockpit into accessing the Enigma’s suite of sensors. A quick sonar ping showed that we’d drifted a good distance away from the strange pillar city from which the corpses originated, and importantly, that the valley floor seems to have miraculously reappeared a good distance out from the sub.
The picture before me was rough, but chilling. A single thin, tall pillar in the center where the city of corpses resides, a sheer vertical circle of endless deep around it where we’re currently adrift (Dotted with a few large floating island-size like objects. Strange but irrelevant), and finally the reappearance of the ocean floor in a ring of cliffs approximately five miles out.
I don’t know how I knew, but the reappearance of the valley floor gave me confidence that whatever forced Enigma down into this hellhole was gone, and we would finally be able to resurface once we reached the edge of that circle. But we didn’t have much time.
In the distance, I heard the sharp, crisp sound of fracturing glass. Our corrupted crew are trying to break themselves out into the ocean.
Infrared external camera footage shows some of the deepwater corpses swimming close to the Enigma. One places its hand on a thinly-cracked pothole and looks in, almost longingly. A bloody hand appears on the other side.
Unknown Timeline Day 5
We didn’t have much time to act. At this depth and pressure, every bit of damage done to the windows is toying with death.
There was no choice other than to follow Anton’s plan with a few modifications to protect the volunteers. It was decided that a team of five people would be needed to attract the corrupted, consisting of four crewmates who survived with us in the medbay as well as Anton (we thought it would be fair for him to take part of the group of “fresh meat” whose life he so blatantly disregarded). Alex and I fashioned makeshift blindfolds out of spare thick clothing and passed out standard submarine sleeper earplugs to hopefully limit any damage the flares would do to the crew. Meanwhile, I would take Alex to the cockpit and secure the controls.
With the plan in place and everyone armed to the teeth with sharp medical equipment, Alex slowly cranked open the bulkhead door. At the same time, I kicked the heavy wall-mounted iron vents located on the wall with a loud metallic clang and slipped inside the ventilation shaft, gesturing for Alex to follow.
The sound of heavy, frantic footsteps and panicked piercing screams filled my ears as the corrupted began running toward the med bay. I took one last look at Anton’s crew. They looked almost like kamikaze pilots, with thick red and black bands of cloth wrapped around their forehead, ready to drop down to the eyes at a moment’s notice. They were armed with needles, scalpels, hammers, anything with a point or a hard surface. Anton carried a portable defibrillator, cackling to himself in anticipation for the fight to come. I waited till the last second to look away, making sure they were crouched securely behind their fortress of iron operating tables and a stack of industrial emergency flares before Alex scrambled into the vent, blocking off the view and shutting the entrance.
The vent was so narrow that I could barely squeeze my arms back and forth to crawl up the gentle slope toward the cockpit. Grime coated my hands and knees, threatening to slide both of us back down toward the scene of an undoubtedly obscene fight. Over the din, I thought I heard the painfully human cries of my friends. It could be the last time I’d ever hear them.
The passage became so narrow that I found myself sliding up with my stomach and back contacting the walls with hardly any room even to breathe. The thundering beating of my heart and the violent shivering brought about by the cold steel vents threatened to give us away. It doesn’t matter anymore, I thought. If we don’t succeed, we’ll be dead anyway.
I grabbed a hammer from my belt and punched the exit vent out from in front of me, jumping up from the ground with my hands in front - ready to fight for my life. I saw a tattered body turn the corner toward the med bay. The cockpit was empty.
And then there was only pain.
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2020.09.18 23:10 awoiaf Maester's Monthly Meta Magazine: 3rd Moon, 383 AC


The Second Moon of 383 A.C. has come to a close!
Once every two weeks, we'll be posting a turn thread just like this one. Here you can do many things - post evidence for new skills, post your economy actions, participate in monthly awards, or join in on discussions and conversations with the sub as a whole. Make sure you check the Date Conversion Sheet to see when the current Moon will end and the next one will begin. While you may post into a turn thread at any point during the month, certain things - like subterfuge and economy - are dependent on the day you post them. Other things - like skill training - are adjusted only once a turn, at the very end of the IG month. This means you can wait until the two weeks are nearly up, and then proceed to post your evidence for learning a new skill. Editing posts after a thread has been closed is a method of metagaming. While we trust that each of you are working for the best of your story and the sub as a whole, in cases where edits create uncertainty, the decision will work in favor of the party who did not make the edit. If you wish to make changes, let a mod know, and they can be done in a separate, new comment.
These threads are designed to keep everything in one easy place, and to provide news - both IC, and OOC - to the sub as a whole. Make sure to read them thoroughly, and to ask the mods or your fellow players if you have any questions or concerns. We all aim to make this sub a great and welcoming place - which means we must all work together to ensure it remains fair, functioning, and fun. With that, we're ready to begin!
[The turn thread will close at 1700 EST/ 2100 GMT, 2nd of October].


The Kingdom of the Iron Throne converges once more in the great city of King’s Landing in promise of a Great Feast and Tourney. As many clamor for position and power, all eyes were attentively on the Queen.
The Grand Feast was certainly an event that bards and mummers would sing songs of. Spilling with a fruition of plots, dances and laughs the celebration was one to remember and would undoubtedly set the precedent of what was to come.
The Great Tournament proves to be a marvelous spectacle, although tarnished by injury and worry. Leo Lannister, the heir to Castamere, would be left a cripple at the hand of Vorian Dayne in a menacing joust. With Willlum Caron claiming victory in the Melee and Marq Royce displaying his personal prowess with a bow, it would be the Lord Paramount of the Honeywine, Androw Hightower, that would prove victorious in the ever exciting and dangerous joust. Where he named his future betrothed, Jenelyn Baratheon, his Queen of Love and Beauty for all the realm to see. It was Lia Cole, angry with her unmasking by the Hightower, that would unfold a series of events leading to an interrogation of the mystery knight’s true identity. Another of Velaryon’s brood arrives in the city.
The Second and Closing Feast dedicated in celebration of King Robert Baratheon would come to be just as spectacular as the first.
The Master of Whisperers proved most productive this moon. As is his duty, he investigates unsettling reports by meeting with Androw Hightower, Johanna Hightower, and Jeyne Tully, which then leads to some intimacy with Johanna. He finds time to enter the joust, a most painful venture, but disturbing reports soon bid him to inform Queen Myrcella of Pentoshi plots.
The Reach weathers a tranquil moon this time around.
In King’s Landing, Lady Jirelle Baelish reunites with her former betrothed, Robb Stark. Later, Jirelle hosts her bannermen for a gathering.
The North
The Warden of the North, Jon Stark, came to host his fellow northmen as well as other guests in a lavish party held in the Stark manse.
The esteemed bastard of Jon Stark, Kayn Snow, would come to have an almost lethal incident after a mistreated wound that resulted from the tourney. Luckily enough, Ryon Glover would arrive just in time to save the young man.
Kayn Snow and the Queen of the Iron Throne shared an intimate moment together in the Godswood before being interrupted by the Queensguard, Ser Florian Mallister.
Surreptitiously gleaning intelligence meant for Arlan Baratheon, Kayn Snow learns of the plots of the Golden Company, and [hones](\) in on perceived treachery by the Lannisters.
The Lady of the Arbor, Rhea Redwyne, arranged a series of meetings with three notable figures, Johanna and Androw Hightower being two of them, after the learning of specific information. The Lord of Oldtown would then continue to [call on his sister]([ in an effort to understand the knowledge he has obtained regarding Johanna herself. The interaction would come to be a violent and frustrating affair with tears and shouts thrown at one another.
Following these developments, Lord Androw Hightower summons his sister for a tense discussion.
A mysterious young girl finds a rare ingredient of sinister nature in the ruins near Sunspear.
Back in the capital, the son of the Princess of Dorne, Lewyn Martell hosts a party held in the Martell manse, with invites and attendants from across the kingdoms.
The heir to Nightsong, Fletcher Caron, would inform the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands of knowledge obtained through infiltration. First came information regarding the infamous Master of Whisperers and his many courtships, including that of Johanna Hightower and Jirielle Baelish. Later in the moon came the intelligence of those in Essos, as the Golden Company plots the demesne of the Iron Throne. This would lead to Arlan seeking a meeting with her Grace, in an attempt to warn his liege of what was to come while Lady Connington meets with the Queen.
The Baratheon family would come together in the form of a family dinner, where marriage prospects and family ties were discussed.
The heir to the Eyrie, Alaric Arryn, sulked after his defeat in the tourney choosing to then wander the halls of the Red Keep in deep thought.
Up in the Mountains of the Moon, a brooding Donnahal Uthelhain, Chieftain of Clan Redsmith, reluctantly resolves to reach out to the Arryns for aid for his people.
Ser Manfred and his Riding Troupe as well as the Merry Men throw a party for one another.
Lady Eleyna Lannister quarrels with her mother and brother before meeting with vassals and allies both while her betrothed Leo Lannister has to deal with the fact he is a cripple after the joust.
Both Boar and Stag gathered together in an effort to make amends for past grievances, the result coming to be a sharing of drinks. Joining them would be Gareth Horpe, the heir to Ashgrove.
After a series of drinks and laughs, both Gareth Horpe and Loras Crakehall would drunkenly make their way to the Jolly Giant, an inn where the Crakehall currently resided. Both men would find passion in each other’s arms.
The Iron Islands
Rodrik Goodbrother plans a festival for his people of Hammerhorn to celebrate their return to economic stability. Meanwhile over in Ten Towers, Lord Harlaw summons his vassals for a raid on the Greenlanders. As they arrive, Lord Harlaw invites his fellow reavers to a feast to plan their raid on the greenlands.
The Wall and Beyond
The Night’s Watch lose a faithful brother to a wildling ambush. Much further north, war brews between the clans of the Ice River and the Frozen Shore. Joramun, Chief of the Ice River Clans rallies his people to march. Red Wolf, Chieftess of the Frozen Shore makes an attempt to find common ground, but no accord could be reached, thus Joramun prepares for battle.
Down in King’s Landing, the wandering crow, Dake, meets with the Master of Laws to secure new recruits from the dungeons, and discuss the need for a new maester for Castle Black.
Uthor Lothston, Captain General of the Golden Company, hosts a feast for his soldiers. Later that moon, Bartimos Bolton receives an interesting letter, and brings the news to the attention of Uthor.
Elsewhere, in the city of King’s Landing, the Braavosi envoy, Ferro Antaryon recovers from an illness as he readied himself to once more become involved in the Great Game.
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2020.09.18 22:32 Drax343 How would the series have been different if Asta had been chosen by the Crimson lions instead ?

Disclaimer- I absolutely love the BBs, they are hands down the best squad and my favourite, if I was ever joining a magic knight squad I would join them, they are like a family.
But I was wondering about this the other day, Fuegoleon regretted not asking Asta to join the Crimson Lions. I wonder what would have happened if he had asked him to join ? How would the story have been different ?
Damn I wish there was a Black Clover YouTuber who made hypothetical versions of how the story would have gone if so and so had happened differently, like there are for some other series-
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Black Love Summit

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There’s no rulebook for marriage and definitely not for parenthood, but you figure it out throughout the journey. On this episode of Black Love Live we talk children, gender roles and ... Masego - Black Love (audio) From Masego's debut album, 'Lady Lady,' out now: Stream:... **Please Read** Young Black Love Series explores healthy relationships from the millennial perspective. The web series features a dynamic group of young, bla... From dating and relationships to finance and marriage -- watch 360 degrees of BLACK LOVE and more on! What's your favorite series?? Catch up today! Couch Conversations with Khadeen ... Are you ready? 'Black Love' returns August 10th. Get a sneak peek at the new season. Black Love highlights love stories from the black community and seeks to... 'Black Love' is back. OWN's groundbreaking docuseries highlighting love stories from the African-American community launches its second season on May 12, 201... Get an inside look at what's in store in the new season of 'Black Love'. The hit series returns Saturday, August 10, at 9/8c—only on OWN. For more on #BlackL... Get an extended look at the first episode of Black Love with this exclusive clip. For more on #BlackLoveDoc, visit Find OWN on ... From the Black Love docu-series to, we aim to be the hub for Black couples and singles looking to build community and conversation around healt... Black Love creators, Tommy & Codie Oliver, on stage with Niecy Nash and Jay Tucker, from Season 2 of Black Love Doc, discussing all things love, family, relationship, blended family, self love and ...